Frequently Asked Questions


For all United States orders, standard shipping is free for orders over $100, and $7.50 for all other orders.

If you'd like expedited delivery on any order, simply upgrade your shipping speed by selecting one of the faster options (Priority Shipping for 3-5 days, Express Shipping for 2-3 days) at checkout. We'll get it shipped out ASAP.

You'll receive an automated shipping notification email & tracking link when your order leaves our studio in Austin, Texas.

For international orders, the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping and duties.

We have a nifty app at checkout that rate-shops carrier rates at checkout, and automatically pulls the cost of shipping + duties for every carrier option, so that you can select your preferred shipping method without any surprises.

You'll receive an automated shipping notification email & tracking link when your order leaves our studio in Austin, Texas.

We have a shipping cost for orders less than $100 because we're a small company, and we can't compete with Amazon-level shipping (yet!). It comes with the territory in operating as an independent brand, especially in the context of rising shipping rates with every major carrier.

Here are the two ways we frame this, with respect to our unit economics and customer experience:

1 — We take pride in the quality of our garments and always strive for an accessible price point, which means that we aren't adding large mark-ups onto each piece.

If we were adding large mark-ups onto each piece, we would have more flexibility in the product margin for promotions/discounts (of which we have very few, if any at all), or to add free shipping to every order; but instead we choose to prioritize the best/most accessible price point possible for the quality of the garment.

2 — We prefer to have our shipping cost upfront & visible before purchase, rather than tacked on to the backend for returns or exchanges.

We find that opting in to the experience of a shipping cost for a small brand — instead of being surprised by a return shipping fee, 're-stocking fee,' or 'handling fee' on the other side — is a better, and more transparent, experience for our customers. If you'd rather not pay for shipping at all, you have the option of purchasing from other sites, rather than being surprised with return shipping or handling fees on our site.

Relatedly, we don't want to add any extra costs for finding the right fit or the right size, or if you decide a certain style isn't for you. The other side of the same logistics conversation in e-commerce is understanding & appreciating that it may take a few tries to find the best fit. Our returns and exchanges always ship free.

We will always do our best to accommodate these requests!  If you haven't received your shipping confirmation email with a tracking link, we can most likely help you add something to your order.

Simply email us at, and we'll sort it out for you.

Alternatively, you can also just go ahead and place the second order, and send us a quick email with a heads up to refund the duplicate shipping cost.

(Because we pack and ship all of our own orders, we always do our best to refund a second or third shipping cost if we find multiple orders & ship them together — but a quick heads up via email will make sure we don't miss it!).

Returns & Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are available within 30 days of purchase, and we always provide a pre-paid return shipping label.

Start here ➾

Please note that styles labeled "Final Sale" in the product title are final sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged.

As a small business, we kindly ask that our customers respect our Final Sale policy, and to please avoid purchasing any Final Sale styles if they do not plan to respect the policy. Thank you in advance!

Our online system makes returns and exchanges super fast and easy, and return shipping labels are always on us.

Similarly, our return policy is meant to be as practical and as straightforward as possible. The requested 30-day window is based on our quick sellouts for most styles.

Return Policy

➾ Returns and exchanges are available within 30 days of purchase date.

➾ Returned items must be in brand-new condition: unworn, unwashed, and in the original packaging. They must be free of hair & pet hair.

➾ Please drop your return or exchange at the nearest carrier location within 28 days of receiving your pre-paid shipping label.

➾ Final Sale items, always clearly marked with "Final Sale" in the product title, are final sale, and are not available for return or exchange.

Last year, we started receiving a substantial amount of pet hair on returns, and felt it necessary to write out a gentle reminder about "brand-new condition," specifically as it relates to pet hair.

A high level of pet hair sent back on a returned garment presents a sanitation issue for our team. We are unable to completely remove the pet hair from the garment fibers, and are unable to safely & hygienically return it to inventory.

If you are still undecided about making a return or exchange, please make sure that you try on your new garments in an area free of pets; and please respect our team members who are processing your return or exchange on the other side.

We truly appreciate your consideration!


Your return will be processed within 7 days of receipt.

(We always make our best effort to process returns as quickly as possible, but we've added a window to allow for early scans — we've noticed that some packages get a delivery scan a full day or two before they arrive.)

To monitor the progress of your return, you will receive the following automated email notifications:

Return Confirmation & Pre-Paid Shipping Label
Sent after your return request is submitted.

In-Transit Notification
Sent after your package gets the origin scan by the carrier.

Delivered Notification
Sent after your package gets the delivery scan here in Austin.

Refund/Store Credit Notification
Sent to confirm your return has been closed, and confirming your refund or store credit.


Your outbound exchange order will be processed when your return package is scanned by the carrier at origin.

We started pushing outbound exchange orders into the order flow earlier — at origin scan, instead of destination scan — because we didn't want your requested exchange to go out of stock while your return was in transit.

If your requested exchange goes out of stock in between your request and the drop-off scan at the carrier, you'll receive an email notification prompting you to select an alternative style or color, or to arrange a return.

Nope! Don't worry about your return being processed properly; we can actually scan the shipping label itself to pull up the return or exchange information electronically, and every zip bag is barcoded, as well.

You can definitely send back the order confirmation page if you'd like - and we will happily recycle it for you - but you can also feel free to keep it for your records.

Manufacturing & Sustainability

In January 2021, we moved from Los Angeles, California to Austin, Texas. All of your orders ship from our studio in the South Congress neighborhood, which is 10 minutes south of downtown and 15 minutes east of the airport (and major freight / logistics hub!).

For our Austin neighbors — while we don't have a storefront just yet, we hope to have one in the future, even if it's initially just in the form of a customer-facing studio for order pickup. We'll keep y'all updated on any progress on this front.

We work with three factory partners in Vietnam, China, and Los Angeles.

We work with our overseas factories for larger production runs in our best-selling styles, and we work with our domestic factory in Los Angeles for smaller runs in limited edition styles, or to test new fits and fabrics.

Our overseas factories in Vietnam and China are high caliber, reputable manufacturing companies. They adhere to stringent and comprehensive codes of compliance for safe, comfortable working environments, and have internationally recognized ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications. They are on the forefront of innovation in fabric sourcing and garment construction, and provide efficiencies in both technology and automation that help us make incredible garments, safely, with a minimal amount of waste.

The cost of every garment you purchase from us includes ethically-sourced fibers; advanced technology and automation during marking, grading, cutting, and sewing; well-compensated and cared for workforce; and regular third-party audits.

In addition to the above, we selected our overseas factories after thorough investigation and consideration of environmental impact. Our bamboo textile mill participates in the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), and produces a sustainable bamboo viscose fiber that is 100% traceable. Our cotton textile mill has a 150-yr track record of ethical & eco-conscious practices, and produces the highest quality natural fibers.

As a small company with a direct connection to our customers, every part of the manufacturing process is important to us. For the past three years, we've consistently examined, tested and optimized our sourcing & manufacturing process as we've brought the brand to life, and we will continue to bring these conversations to the forefront of our decision-making. We see this as an ongoing pursuit — continuing to fine-tune the way to make the highest quality garments, as ethically and sustainably as possible, for the most accessible price — and it's a journey we are excited to be on as we carve a path forward for our company.

Packaging is another ongoing conversation as it relates to e-commerce & sustainability, and we've been through at least ten (if not more!) iterations of our own packaging, both for individual garments and for shipping orders.

At the garment level, we've switched over all of our tags (including main label, care label, hang tag) to a consolidated heat press label on the garment itself. Not only do you not have to worry about any itching or scratching from a woven label, we also decided to do away with the entire process of hang-tagging garments, when it seemed like those little tags & safety pins were getting thrown out regardless.

To barcode and protect each garment, we use custom recyclable zip bags. While they aren't quite as eco-friendly as a compostable bag (we tried those - didn't end well for any garments exposed to heat during transport!) — they are 100% recyclable and can go into the same recycling bin as your cans and bottles, and provide better protection for every garment. Many customers have also told us that they prefer to hang on to them, and use them again for travel or clothing storage.

And, thanks to the zip bags / being able to fully protect each garment on the inside of the order, we can use kraft paper mailers to ship the orders themselves. We source our packaging from EcoEnclose, a company based in Colorado that has an amazing Sustainability Vision for all of their materials.

As a critical part of our customer experience, functional garment protection, logistics, and environmental impact, our packaging is an ongoing conversation. Please always feel free to reach out to us directly ( with comments or questions — we'd love to hear from you.

Discounts & Loyalty

Outside of our Loyalty Program (which is excellent, and rewards loyal customers), we don't offer discounts or promotions.

Similar to our thinking around shipping costs, we'd rather not add large mark-ups onto each piece, and subsequently discount the retail price.

Instead, we make the highest quality garments possible, and sell them at the best price points for that fabric and garment quality — there just isn't a lot of room for discounting at our current margin.

However! We always want to show our appreciation for our loyal customers, and we have an excellent Loyalty Program (see next question below).

Our Loyalty Program is super easy: you'll earn points automatically for every purchase, and every 500 points is converted to a unique 15% off discount code (which can be used on anything, anytime, sitewide).

To start earning points, head over to our Loyalty page, navigate to the "Earn Points" tab, and tap "Create Account."

For every 500 points earned, you will automatically receive a unique code via text or email that you can redeem at checkout. This code will also be stored on that same page (tap the "Rewards" tab), so you can come back and copy/paste the code at any time.


Absolutely! Our gift cards are delivered by email, never expire, and can always be used on anything, sitewide.

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The fastest way to hop on the email list is to scroll down to the footer and tap "sign up" there.

If you aren't sure whether you're on our email list, you can always send us a quick email — — to confirm.