The Dress I'll Be Living In All Summer Long

The Dress I'll Be Living In All Summer Long

Written by Ashby Vose


In the summer, I sweat. That's probably no surprise to you because you are also a human being, but I really like to dress to minimize my sweating and that means wearing clothing as flowy as possible. I want very little to be constricting and fitted. And I also don't want to be wearing clothing that constantly exposes all of my skin because, as a sweaty person, I don't like to sit my bare legs on a hot bench or a leather seat or a plastic restaurant chair because I'll either burn from it or stick to it. Long and flowy is my go-to, which often means super bohemian kaftans and maxis that are a little too long to be practical. That is, until I met this dress.

Ashby in the French Terry Midi Dress

As soon as I tried this dress on, before I could even see myself in a mirror, I knew I loved it. The fit was pure perfection. It glided over my body with ease, and the material is incredible. So soft and comfy, thick enough to keep its shape but not so thick that I'll melt in it. The sweep of the skirt is gorgeous. When I twirl, the dress moves with me beautifully. The neckline is extremely flattering, open but not too exposing, and perfect with a necklace. The short sleeves make it so easy to style, it doesn't need a denim jacket or any top layer, it's an entire outfit on its own. But, come fall I'll still be rocking it because how could I not? When it's cooler, you bet I'll be pairing it with a denim jacket and the cutest booties. 


The Signature French Terry Dress, Midi Length


Did I mention that it has pockets? Yes, hidden pockets deep enough to hold any size phone you have. Seriously. And they don't add any bulk or pull at the hip! That never happens. Plus it has its own self belt, well, more of a sash. But it's the perfect easy belt that doesn't constrict on my tummy and doesn't require any effort to style. It doesn't have those annoying belt loops either so you can go sans-belt and still look totally chic. 


The Signature French Terry Dress, Midi Length


In quarantine, I'll be wearing this dress while puttering around the house with my Birkenstocks. I'll be walking the dog in this dress with my sneakers. I'll be watering the plants, cooking, and FaceTiming in this dress. Frankly, it is the only comfy quarantine style I wear that also makes me feel really, really pretty.

Post-quarantine, I'll be wearing this dress to the wedding festivities on my calendar (fingers crossed they don't all get canceled or postponed!). Rehearsal dinner? Yep. Bridal shower? The most perfect dress ever for a bridal shower. Just add wedges, statement earrings, and a straw bag. I'll also be wearing this dress to the farmer's market, out to brunch with friends, to the office, and to happy hour after work. 

The Signature French Terry Dress, Midi Length

But I haven't even mentioned how perfect the length is yet. Yes, I told you that it means I can sit on any surface with little care, but have I told you how easy it is to just live my life and bend over to pick things up or pet the cats in this dress? I don't have to do that funny little skirt squat that we have all done before, I can just be and do whatever feels most comfortable. This dress has me covered, always. 

It's pretty, it's practical, and it's perfect. I feel incredible in it, I look great in it (if I do say so myself), and right now I could use all of the good feels I can get.
I'm never taking it off.


By Ashby Vose
Ashby is Ori Co-Founder and Head of Brand. She is a plus-size woman obsessed with empowering other women and fostering community. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and two cats and one dog that she just brought home and is completely in love with.
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