How To Combat Boob Sweat This Summer

How To Combat Boob Sweat This Summer

The sun is shining, temperatures are on the rise, the days are nice and long. Ah, summer.¬†But with that heat comes sunburns, chub rub, and boob sweat. ūüé∂These are a few of our favorite things.ūüé∂¬† By favorite, we mean totally unbearable.¬†Boob sweat, you know the kind that pools under your breasts and leaves an unmistakable sweat stain, is the worst and feels uncontrollable‚Äď‚Äď in fact many members of our Facebook group mentioned they've given up on finding a way to avoid it in our boob sweat thread. But others had tips for all kinds of products that have helped them find the best way to be boob-sweat-free, and fun euphemisms for boob sweat like "Mountain Dew." It's worth a read, if you like laughing at boob sweat related jokes.

Here are the best tried-and-true boob sweat prevention methods.

Megababe's Bust Dust 

This Anti-Boob-Sweat Spray was by far the most recommended product from our Facebook community. It's a talc-free powder that absorbs sweat and features corn starch, soothing aloe and chamomile, and fragrant lavender that also acts as a natural antiseptic. Put it under your boobs, but you can also put it in any skin folds or under your tummy. You can even put a little in your hair to act as a dry shampoo or in your shoes to make them less sweaty and smelly. One member even had a pro-tip: you can also purchase Megababe's Body Dust which is the same product, but you get more bang for your buck. And you can use it to refill your Bust Dust bottle, too! 



The second most recommended way to manage boob sweat? Your go-to pit stick! Yep, your favorite antiperspirant can also prevent boob sweat, and sweat from anywhere else too. Members mentioned they use it for chub rub too.


Ta-Ta Towel

For those who get underboob rashes, the number one tip? Keeping dry. After bathing, drying completely was the advice we heard again and again. Various folks had products they recommended to apply after being dry, but with getting dry being the first step we knew a towel made for the girls would be the solution. The Ta-Ta Towel, an absorbent towel made especially for your boobs, allows you to get and stay dry after bathing. This is also a great product for wearing around the house, as many of us are working from home and staying in much more. Keeping your breasts away from your midriff will help prevent sweat and rashes, so if you're not up for wearing a bra at home, this is a great solution.


 Underboob from Ms. Andry's Bath House

Another favorite powder is the Underboob powder from the Charlotte, North Carolina boutique known as Ms. Andry's Bath House. With playful names like Butter Beer body butter and Michelle Obalma balm, this homemade remedy is the perfect way to support a small business and take care of your boob sweat issue. 


T For Toes by Lush

While this powder is designed with sweaty, stinky feet in mind, a member of our Facebook Group swears by it for caring for her underboob sweat and any rashes that can occur under there. She mentioned it because many of these kinds of products are a cornstarch base unlike T for Toes, which is a clay base. Yeast can feed on cornstarch which can worsen symptoms of intertrigo, a skin inflammation that occurs between layers of connected inflamed skin, which is why she avoids cornstarch based products. Another Lush powder product, silky underwear, has been praised for its sweat absorbing properties too, but also is made from cornstarch. Some use it for chub rub prevention, night sweats, or anything else you'd like a powder for!


Lume Deodorant

Lume makes natural hypoallergenic deodorant, free of aluminum and baking soda, that comes in both a stick and a cream. They boast being able to be used on more than just armpits, but also on any smelly areas including private parts. Multiple members of our group were so impressed by how Lume deodorant prevents smells, chafing from friction, and sweat. Rub a little under the boobs for boob sweat prevention, and enjoy your odor-free day.


Chafe Escape from Pure Romance

This cream-to-powder lotion is made to melt into your skin quickly so that your skin is smooth and dry, and made to reduce friction and irritation. Put it on anywhere, inner thighs for chub rub protection, arms, nipples, under the boobs, or wherever you could use a little less friction.



What are your go-to methods for boob sweat prevention? Are you here to take all the preventative measures or are you just ready to accept the sweat? Tell us in our Facebook Group, and join the conversation!

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