Comforting Gifts to Give During Quarantine

Comforting Gifts to Give During Quarantine

It's a strange time to be a resident of planet earth. Globally we are adjusting to stay-at-home lifestyles but time continues, birthdays are still celebrated, and holidays aren't canceled.

Whether you're planning your Mother's Day gift or a birthday for a loved one in isolation, you'll want to bring a little comfort to the life of whomever you're celebrating. Here is a list of comforting gifts that would be well-received by just about anyone in quarantine.


Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

This popular gift is known to reduce stress and anxiety. The comforting weight of a heavy blanket will have your loved one falling asleep in no time. We recommend ordering online for delivery from a known retailer with flat rate shipping because these heavy items can be pricey to ship to your recipient if you pick one up on your next Target run before popping it in the mail. 

YnM Weighted Blanket - $62.90, Amazon



Tea Set

If you are gifting for a tea lover, or even someone who is known to brew a hot cup from time to time, a gourmet tea set is the ideal comforting care package insert. Make sure you find their favorite flavor or pick a variety. We like this beautiful tin from Harney & Sons because it feels extra special. Bonus points if you throw in a little honey and sugar! 

Mother's Day Tin of 30 Sachets - $12.95 Harney & Sons



Fluffy Slippers

If we have to stay at home, we might as well get some fun and fluffy house shoes and give our trusty everyday outdoor pairs a rest. When it comes to slippers, the fluffier the better. This pair has a stylish sandal silhouette, making it perfect for springtime and summer (and it comes in a ton of colors). Maybe throw in a playful nail polish color too, so your gal pal can enjoy the sight of a pedicure with her new fluffy slips.

Mayberry Slipper - $59.95, Emu Australia


Dreamy Duster

This yummy soft layer is a working-from-home must-have. Its soft ribbed fabric makes for the snuggliest layer to throw on over jammies or jeans and a tee. Bonus: right now 30% of sales goes directly to a local LA charity providing shelf-stable meals to our most vulnerable population during this pandemic. You'll get warm and fuzzy feelings for buying it, and your recipient will too as soon as she puts it on.

Dreamy Duster - $68, Ori


Manicure Kit

With beauty salons being closed, our nails are not being tended to like they otherwise may be. Treat the lady in your life to a lovely manicure, without the salon. This at-home manicure kit not only comes with a tool that makes painting your own nails easier (yep, even with your non-dominant hand) but also has everything you need to prep your nails. It comes with a nail polish remover pot, a brush for touch-ups, a clipper, file, buffer, two bottles of nail polish, top coat, and cuticle serum. All in a cute gift box that even has a spot for your phone. We are the ones that look at our own hands more than anyone else, so let help her enjoy the sight of her own hands as she types away while working from home.

The Studio Box - $50, Olive & June


Cocktail Kit

When times are tough, we really need cocktails. But while we might stock up on some alcohol, we're never going to make sure to get all the fanciest fixins just to have a cocktail with a quarantine buddy or two! It doesn't feel like the most essential errand, but to receive a thoughtful kit with all of the best mixers will put the "happy" back in happy hour. If your gift recipient is a Bloody Mary enthusiast, a bruncher who loves champagne, or a Margarita mama, check out the Cocktail Kits by Mouth to send all of the goodies for whatever their drink of choice is. Thankfully the liquor store was deemed essential, so you can guarantee they will be able to secure the spirit that will complete the drink.

Just Add Champagne Gift Box - $83, Mouth


Skincare Set

If you're looking to gift the self-care maven in your life, a skincare set is the ultimate luxury that she might not indulge in on her own. Ensure that she comes out of quarantine glowing by gifting her a variety of skincare treats. This Day + Night Set from Milk contains a brightening face mask, brightening serum, overnight serum, overnight lip mask, and cooling eye patches– nothing she already has in her arsenal. Plus it comes in this super trendy and useful clear pouch.

Day + Night Set - $39, Milk Makeup


Craft Kit

Keeping busy helps keep our minds off of the news and helps us productively pass the time. A craft kit is the perfect way to introduce your gift recipient to a completely new craft. Help them create their own present and learn a skill while they're at it. We picked out this embroidery kit, because members of our Facebook Group have talked about how satisfying and easy embroidery is. 

Industrious Octopus Hand Embroidery Kit - $25, Stitched Modern


Plant Baby

Instead of a flower delivery, try sending a living plant! Taking care of plants can be therapeutic and right now we have so much time to spend watching our houseplants' progress. A happy plant delivery can brighten their day and their room.

Pink Anthurium & Dolores Planter - $65, The Sill


Gourmet Cooking Kit

Now is the time we're able to try more adventurous cooking feats! If you are gifting someone who loves to cook, consider finding an easy-to-follow kit that they would never try to do otherwise. This DIY Ravioli Kit requires a few fresh ingredients, but the rest of the ingredients and even the ravioli stamp tool are included so the chef in your life can make their very own ravioli at home. 

DIY Ravioli Kit - $39.95, Williams Sonoma


Luxurious Bathrobe

An extra soft, super plush robe is something that will always be treasured. A perfect gift for either a man or a woman, and certainly not something that your recipient would have treated themselves to. It's the ultimate layer to throw on over pajamas for evenings on the porch or for layering on for warmth on a chilly morning. This particular robe from Plush Necessities comes in sizes XXS - 3X and is made of a plush microfiber that promises to be extremely soft.

Plush Signature Robe - $85, Plush Necessities


Pressure Cooker

When you don't have the time to cook for the family but still need to have a meal ready, a pressure cooker can help you get some time back. This is perfect for both the busy mom in your life and the gourmet chef. Our Facebook Group recently shared their favorite Instant Pot recipes and continue to surprise us with what they can make including cake and dried beans! 

Instant Pot - $79, Amazon


What are you planning on gifting this spring? Be sure to share with us if you have great ideas! And if you are a spring baby, hop in our Facebook Group to tell us about the gifts you wished you would have received so we can become better gifters!

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