A WFH Week in the Dreamy Duster

A WFH Week in the Dreamy Duster

When it was announced that we would all need to be isolated and I would be working from home, I knew that there were a handful of comfy Ori pieces that I would be living in. I reached for the duster first because it was such an easy piece to layer over whatever I already had on (primarily tank tops and yoga pants) but found myself never wanting to take it off, and throwing it on every day.

Not only is this super soft and comfy duster a great work-from-home piece, but when you buy it right now, you're also donating to a very worthy cause. 30% of the sales goes directly to Project Angel Food, providing the most vulnerable Angelenos with shelf-stable meals during this difficult time. I promise, you'll get warm and fuzzy feelings in more ways than one when you get this duster



Monday: Denim Day

Ashby in dreamy duster, straight leg light wash jeans, white sandals, and a black tank top.

Alright so I don't always wear jeans in quarantine, but after a few days of living in sweats it felt like it was time. I washed my hair, threw on my favorite comfy pair of jeans, my Dreamy Duster, and started my week off right.


Tuesday: Video Ready

Ashby wears distressed jeans, the dreamy duster, a white tee, white sandals, and a printed headband.

Not only did I throw on jeans again for my Tuesday look, but I even put on some makeup and an accessory. I wanted to look put-together for my live video. I can promise you that if I didn't take the time to put together a cute outfit (including this duster) and throw on some makeup, I definitely wouldn't have felt as confident as I did. Thank you, outfit!


Wednesday: Soft and Snuggly

After two days in jeans, I was ready to welcome cozy sweats back into my life. An extra soft pair of yoga pants got a little dressed up with my green duster. At least enough to feel better about how I Iooked for video chat meetings.


Thursday: Workout Chic

Ashby wears the Dreamy Duster over a grey tank with leggings and pink sneakers.

I layered the cozy duster over my workout clothes from my morning run, and called it a day. Is there any reason to change out of sweaty workout clothes, if you aren't going to be seeing anyone? Well, besides the cats? 


Friday: Feline Fine

For the final day of the week, I wanted to finish strong. So instead of rockin' my workout clothes from the morning run all day long, I changed out of them into a pair of comfy jeans. I threw on my blue light blocking glasses, my favorite duster, and a soft tank top. Then I grabbed a soft kitty for a cute end of week photo with my purrfect feline friend.



 I didn't wash this the whole week, only because I didn't see many folks. But I own the same duster in black and have been mixing between the two, but always layering them on for the extra soft and cozy feels. No matter the temperature, I always love the way this duster feels on my skin. What are you living in during quarantine? Tell us in our Facebook Group!



By Ashby Vose
Ashby is Ori's Head of Brand. She is a plus-size woman obsessed with empowering other women and fostering community. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend and two cats and just adopted a new pet named "sourdough starter."
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