Welcome to The Comfort Zone

Welcome to The Comfort Zone

At the core of the Ori brand is comfort. Every piece is designed to be supremely comfy and wearable. Ori items are the first items you pull out of the pile when your laundry is done. That piece that you reach for again and again because it always makes you feel good. That item that you throw on when you're having a bad day and don't feel motivated to put together a complicated outfit, but instead seek out comfort. That same item that you throw on when you're having a great day, don't want your clothing to stop your momentum. When you're comfortable and confident in your clothing, you are unstoppable.

While there is magic in clothing you feel comfortable in, there is something extra magical in having a community that you feel comfortable in––a space where you can be yourself, exactly as you are. A space where you can complain about the challenges of existing in a plus-size body, cheer on like-bodied women for their accomplishments, and ask for advice on how to navigate sticky situations. 

Introducing The Comfort Zone

Your go-to space for getting answers to every question from, "Where is the best place to buy plus-size activewear?" to, "What advice do you have for flying internationally, as a fat woman?" and everything in between. Consider this a safe space, free from hate, negative self-talk, diet culture, body-shaming, and creeps. And when you leave The Comfort Zone for the real world, you can do so equipped with the tools you need to navigate it well, as you exist today.  

Ready to get this conversation started? Comment with the topics that you want to see discussed in The Comfort Zone and join our Facebook Group to jump in the group chat.


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