The Best Online Resources For Finding The Right Bra

The Best Online Resources For Finding The Right Bra

If you can't step inside of a store, due to shelter-in-place restrictions, a lack of stores with options for you in your area, or any other reason, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right bra online. Bra fitting is already hard, even when you can try on options in stores. But online means you have to measure yourself, read many size charts, and that you'll likely end up buying at least one style that doesn't work for your shape. 

Our trusted friends (and frankly, experts) in our Facebook Group shared the best online resources for finding the perfect fitting bra. We've compiled a list of all of their recs so you can use this as a launchpad to finding the right bra for you. Wishing you luck, we know this is no easy feat!


The Lingerie Addict

This is an extremely thoughtful blog that reviews various brands as they come on the scene, covers difficult topics like finding the right bra to wear under a wedding dress for those with DD+ cup sizes, breaking down the reason why Americans have rarely seen cup sizes above a DD or DDD, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Start here, you're likely to find what you're looking for and even some advice you never knew you needed.


CurvyKate's Post on UK vs US Bra Sizing

If you have ever thought that the Ori size chart is confusing, just wait until you dig into the difference between bra sizing in the UK vs US. If you are considering shopping from a European brand, don't let the different cup sizes overwhelm you in your shopping experience.



This reddit channel is full of women, many who probably have the same fit issue that you do. And, it has a calculator that you can put your measurements in and presto! You should have an idea of the best size to wear. Use the drop down menu to find guides on fit, shape, buying, size, care, and storage. Multiple people in our Facebook Group praised this site, and for good reason.


CurvyKate's Bra Whisperer

Still not sure of your size? We get it, it's really hard! Curvy Kate has virtual fittings with their esteemed Bra Whisperer. Check out this page for some common fit issues too, so you can get an understanding of great fit. 



Still want more advice? Join our awesome Facebook Group to find trusted friends to turn to for even more bra wisdom.

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