The Best Chub-Rub Prevention Products Ever

The Best Chub-Rub Prevention Products Ever

Summertime means dips in the pool, sunshine, long days, short nights, barbecues, and chub rub. Sweaty days in the sun mean it's inevitable your thighs will be rubbing together and the longer they do, the more likely it is they'll begin to chafe. We have all suffered from chafed thighs, but this summer we're gearing up to have a chub-rub free season thanks to these fantastic tips and product recommendations from our beloved Facebook Group

If you have no protection for your thighs, be sure to fill up your arsenal with these tried-and-true methods.

Thigh Society slip short

1. Thigh Society Anti-Chafe Shorts

These sweat-wicking slip shorts are the perfect style to slip on under your favorite summer dresses and skirts. They're lightweight, breathable, comfy, and totally prevent all rubbing and chafing. Offered in a variety of lengths, waists, and colors, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you. They even have a new cooling option! If you're currently wearing shapewear for this purpose, consider these shorts instead because they're way lighter, less restrictive, and much less sweaty!


2. Bike Shorts

If you already have a pair of bike shorts that you like to work out in, because they're moisture-wicking and comfy enough to move around in, you'll probably also appreciate their anti-chafing properties. Members of our Facebook Group mentioned Superfit Hero shorts, in particular, while others think bike shorts can be a bit more restrictive than slip shorts. Wear them under your work from home outfit! Bonus: makes it extra easy to go from work to workout!


3. Megababe Thigh Rescue

This popular product was created by plus-size fashion influencer Katie Sturino and features ingredients like soothing aloe, pomegranate, and grapeseed oil, helping thighs glide. If your thighs are already chafed, the aloe will soothe your irritated thighs. You can pick it up at Ulta or Target if you're not online shopping for your Thigh Rescue. However, a few members of our group found that this requires a fair amount of reapplication as it is not extremely long lasting. 


4. Jockey Skimmies

Another slip short favorite amongst our Facebook community! These slipshorts are actually seamless underwear that is smoothing and doesn't give any panty lines. Lightweight fabric that doesn't constrict. Comes in sizes up to 3X.





 5. Bandelettes

Meet the thigh bands that prevent chafing, in a stylish and sexy way! Bandelettes are lace thigh bands with a silicone strip that keeps them in place all day long. Perfect for wearing under a dress or skirt, and if a little bit peaks out, you don't have to be embarrassed the way you might be about a nude colored shapewear, the lace gives it a little feminine flair.


6. Deodorant

Yep, your favorite pit stick will work in a pinch too! Some folks are steering clear of antiperspirants, but others find them to work better than many of the anti-chafe sticks and last significantly longer. Just rub between thighs, or anywhere else that could use a little sweat prevention and glide.


7. Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

The stick that runners swear by is the same stick that our favorite plus-size women use for everyday chub rub! Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick reduces friction, soothes, and moisturizes. It also claims to be long lasting and non-greasy, and works even for sensitive skin.


8. Tomboy X Boxer Briefs

Another solution that doubles as underwear are the Tomboy X Boxer Briefs! The micro modal version comes especially highly recommended. The length provides enough coverage to prevent thigh chafing. And you don't have to put on a layer between undies and dress!


9. Undersummers

Check out Undersummers for slip shorts in a variety of colors, lengths, patterns, and even some with pockets!. Some styles even have a bit of girly lace at the bottom, others are cooling. This is a tried-and-true slipshort chub rub solution that is here to save your thighs, and is a comfy non-restrictive fit. 


10. Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts by Snag

Snag, the tights brand that our community is obsessed with, also creates shorts for chub rub prevention! Made from their same tights material but enhanced with a special yarn made to keep you cool in the heat. Moisture wicking, smoothing, and not restrictive!



11. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

This Monistat product is made purely for chafing, and goes on like a gel but dries like a powder. It helps fight friction, and members of our group say that it shockingly doubles as a fantastic makeup primer. The perfect double-duty item to throw in your bag so you're ready for any adventure.


Got a preferred method that didn't make the list? Join our Facebook Group to share your favorite ways to beat the heat in comfort, and for lots of other helpful and fun conversations.


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