Ori and COVID-19

Ori community—

We hope that you are taking care of yourselves, staying safe, and are able to work from home.

We know that there is a lot of anxiety and stress around the situation, and we don’t take that lightly.  We also want to make sure that any interaction you have with Ori is a comfy pick-me-up during this time of uncertainty.

Here are a few updates from our end as to how things are going to change:

[Update 3/21/20] We're donating 30% of sales from the Dreamy Duster to Project Angel Food.

Ori - Donation - Project Angel Food

  • Now more than ever, we want to make a positive difference in our community. Starting today, we're donating 30% of sales from the Dreamy Duster to Project Angel Food.

We are going to re-focus our social, email, and Facebook group content around our community.

Ori - Plus Size Online Boutique - Facebook Group

  • Our private Facebook group (tap the link to join!) is going to be our primary method of communication, because we know that the work-from-home life could use a little extra virtual companionship.

  • Ashby is going to be heading up a number of different new keep-you-sane ideas and discussions in the group, including some modified yoga poses to try during the day, books/shows/podcasts we’re reading, watching, and listening to during our extended Me Time, and even a few Internet-powered watch parties or virtual book groups.

  • The Ori Facebook group is totally open to you as a place to chat, vent, and/or click around during your remote work days. We know from first-hand experience that the Ori customers are the absolute coolest, most interesting, and fun people to be around.  (Yourself included!)  We’re doing our best to provide you with another place to connect with like-minded people, and to keep things light and optimistic over the next few weeks as we navigate all of this together.

Our online store will stay open with comfy things.

Ori - Plus Size Online Boutique - Ori Shipping Loft

  • Our tiny-but-mighty team is working remotely, but we have one team member (Katie) on order fulfillment, returns, and exchanges.

  • We’re lucky to be a small team and run our own fulfillment; our orders aren’t handled by multiple workers in a warehouse environment. There’s only one person on this side, and she is the only one with access to the Ori inventory space. (Which, btw, is a sparkling clean room of a loft apartment, and has always been borderline-maniacally cleaned, maintained, and organized b/c Katie is a crazy person.)

  • Returns, exchanges, and customer service will be available for you at any time as per normal.

If any of this changes, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meantime, we’ll be working from home to bring you a delightful and comfy experience if you place an order or join in on the conversation within our community.

Reach out at anytime/about anything to help@orieveryday.com, @orieveryday via DM, or tag Ashby in the Facebook group.

Stay well,
Team Ori


P.S.—because we feel like everyone could use some ginormous smiles, here's us cheesin' and delivering your orders before we were "social distancing":

Ori - Katie and Ashby

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