Fabric Content & Care Instructions

Fabric Content & Care Instructions

Natural Fabrics

Content: 100% Cotton

Care instructions: We recommend washing cold and laying flat to dry, but, this garment will be OK if you want to use the dyer on low heat.

With any of our garments that are all natural fibers, we always do suggest air-drying, *but,* we know that tees need to be convenient to throw in the dryer every once in a while, too!  The CloudSoft collection is safe for a good tumble on the lowest heat setting.

Why we love it: our CloudSoft cotton fabric is super, duper, fantastically soft. We love it SO much. It's the perfect balance of lightweight and substantive, where it's light enough to skim, but heavy enough to wear in lighter colors (white, light grey) without any extra coverage. The fabric itself has a lovely, subtle texture and an overall magical feel :)

Why you might want to try something different: Natural fibers are *always* going to run a slight risk of shrinkage with any washer/dryer heat. We've actually found that any shrinkage in this particular fabric is minimal, but, if you love washing hot or throwing things in a dryer to wash/dry quickly, we recommend trying our comfy synthetic fabric options.

Content: 100% Cotton

Care Instructions: Please wash cold and lay flat to dry!

This is a high-quality plush French Terry cotton with a high pile loop, which means that while it is incredibly comfy and durable, it is also susceptible to shrinkage if it interacts with any heat in the washer or dryer.

Synthetic Fabrics

Content: 65% Poly, 30% Rayon, 5% Spandex

Care instructions: Wash cold or warm and tumble dry on low heat setting.

Why we love it: this French Terry blend is our most loved, best-selling fabric. We went synthetic because we wanted this one to keep up with your lifestyle — it's just as breathable, perfectly drape-y, and comfortable as it is wrinkle-free and washer/dryer friendly. It folds and travels wonderfully; you'll always have something polished and comfy to wear all day, any day, and you don't have to worry about sensitive care instructions.

Why you might want to try something different: If you prefer natural fibers! This blend *does* outperform natural fabrics to achieve the intended effects for these garments (silhouette, drape, stretch, functionality, comfort), and we like that you can count on it to last, even through all of the many wash/dry cycles; but if you're a natural-fibers-only person, we suggest shopping any of the styles in that section above instead!


Content: 95% Cotton Modal, 5% Spandex

Care instructions: Wash cold and ideally lay flat to dry, but you can tumble dry on lowest heat setting if you must! 

Why we love it: Goodness, what is not to love? This cotton modal/spandex fabric is *so* luxuriously soft and cooling. It's the perfect layer for an air-conditioned theater, if you know what we mean. It's also a lovely ribbed fabric, which means it has great stretch and recovery, and a delightful swingy movement (perfect for both a swingy midi dress and a swingy duster!). 

Why you might want to try something different: TBH, not sure. This fabric is so perfect in every way. :)

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