Live Recap: Body-Positivity Across Generations

Live Recap: Body-Positivity Across Generations

Ashby and Leah became friends by attending classes at their local Brooklyn yoga studio. Thursday night classes were accompanied by an end-of-class wine sipping session on yoga mats, allowing students to get to know one another and fostering a sense of community. Ashby is a 20-something working in fashion who now lives in LA and Leah is a 40-something writer in Brooklyn, but their shared experience of living in a plus size body spans generations.

After a few conversations on where to buy the best plus-size activewear leggings for yoga, Ashby and Leah had solidified their friendship. The closer they got, the more comfortable they got discussing everything from being the fat girl in the aerial yoga hammock to the plus-size icons in media that gave them some representation.

Watch their conversation about body-positivity across generations. With Ashby being introduced to it younger, and having more plus-size clothing options at a younger age than Leah, they talked about what it was like to have little options and have the only fat girl on screen be Queen Latifah.


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