37 Stunning Plus-Size Brides

37 Stunning Plus-Size Brides

Getting married is so exciting. There is nothing more joyous than celebrating love. But wedding dress shopping unfortunately leaves much to be desired, especially when you're a plus-size bride-to-be and don't get to see yourself represented when you're flipping through bridal magazines or scrolling through wedding inspiration on Pinterest. 

Knowing that even gorgeous high fashion plus-size models struggled to find the right fitting dress for their big day doesn't make the hunt any easier, even if it's comforting to feel less alone. Googling can lead you to see some articles that explain just how depressing wedding dress shopping can be for plus-size brides, and countless articles about various brides that lost weight for their wedding day, and tricks on how to slim down fast, or headlines like "shedding for the wedding," that can leave you feeling like you don't deserve to be a beautiful bride as you are, in your body today and only add anxiety to the already stressful wedding planning.

But as we know, love knows no size. You're worthy and deserving of love as you already are, and you're deserving of celebrating your love in the most beautiful wedding dress that makes you feel like the stunning bride you've always dreamed of being.

This joyous moment shouldn't lead to tears in fitting rooms, over-exercising, or crash dieting just to be accepted on the day that is supposed to be all about celebrating you and your love. It should lead to happy moments with family and friends, cutting up on the dance floor, and over-indulging on cake and champagne.

Our friend Stacy Collins used her experience working in a bridal salon to create the best list of advice for plus-size wedding dress shopping, since the moment can be so stress-inducing. But as for inspiration? Well, there is still a massive lack of plus-size bridal inspiration but we have no shortage of stunning plus-size women getting married! 

Brides-to-be in our Facebook Group have called upon all former brides to share their wedding photos to be the inspiration they need to get excited about wedding dress shopping.  The 150-comment thread took off, and these stunning wedding dress photos were simply too beautiful not to share. 


1. Kristen T.

This classic strapless A-line gown made bride Kristen flash a big smile on her big day. Topped off with a tiara, veil, dangly earrings, and a tasteful bouquet, all eyes were on her as she walked down the aisle.


2. Shelly W.

Shelly got married in the late 1990's and was quick to note that there are so many more plus-size options on the market today than when she was shopping.

3. Kelli G.

Kelli's advice is to try styles outside of your comfort zone, and only bring supportive folks with you as you shop. She also recommends plus-size bridal boutiques. Kelly wore a ruched sweetheart A-line gown complete with embroidery and gems on her big day.


4. Kayla L.

Kayla eloped in a gorgeous floor-length empire waist gown with lace sleeves that didn't break the bank.

5. Ro C.

Ro opted for a strapless dress, then two months before the wedding decided to redesign the top and add in some lace straps to achieve the dress of her dreams.


6. Elaine S.

Elaine shared a bit of her beautiful outdoor ceremony with us, along with her empire waist lace-sleeved gown and stunning bouquet.


7. Laura S.

In the early aughts, Laura walked down the aisle in a classic gown with lace sleeves and a veil with an up do.

8. Ordra-Anna W.

Ordra-Anna only tried on one dress, and it was the one. This beautifully detailed dress features a stunning appliqué bodice and voluminous tulle skirt.

9. Steph L.

Steph felt absolutely beautiful on her wedding day in 2016, in her ruched strapless gown completed with a rhinestone studded belt.

10. Alicia G.

Alicia found a bohemian dress with a gorgeous lace bodice, delicate straps, and a full skirt perfect for her outdoor wedding.

11. Kayla M.

Kayla never thought she would choose a dress in this style. But after trying on many styles, she fell in love with this number featuring a ruched bodice, sweetheart neckline, and full textured skirt. She layered on a sheer sleeve bolero for extra coverage.

 12. Annie K.

In 2013, Annie found this midi dress complete with a black bowtie detail and had her friend sew a bra in. She accessorized her look with a playful hat to bring it all together.

13. Brittany S.

Brittany found the perfect cap sleeve lace gown for her outdoor ceremony under a tree. 

14. Amy B.

Amy discovered a vintage-inspired gown that was the perfect dress for her special day. With beautiful, delicate beadwork across the chest and sleeve and a stunning headpiece in a nod to 1920's style, Amy makes the perfect a vintage bride.

15. Gloria F.

Gloria's classic gown features a lace bodice and rhinestone belt. Her low up do, veil, and dramatic bouquet pull together the look, as do her husband's classic converse sneakers.

16. Stacey T.

In 2010, Stacey wore a strapless Alfred Angelo gown featuring satin and ruching with subtle beading under the bust and at the waist.

17. Rachel C.

Rachel's lace A-Line gown was the perfect pick for her big day, complimenting her shape and keeping all eyes on her!


18. Melissa L.

Melissa's seaside wedding was complete with her beautiful floor length gown, beach-friendly sandals, a veil, and a pearly white smile. 

19. Emily B.

Emily's beach wedding came together with her strapless gown, finished with delicate beading.

20. Katie N.

Katie's classic strapless white gown popped against her husband's navy suit and gorgeous outdoor setting.

21. Jess E.

Jess's empire waist lace dress was finished with a beautiful belt and flower in her hair, and made for a dramatic riverside ceremony.

22. Vanessa B.

Vanessa's flowy strapless wedding dress featured a ruched bodice and rhinestoned belt. Her burgundy roses popped against her angelic white dress.

23. Jennifer D.

Jennifer's swoon-worthy dress featured an illusion sleeve and neckline, a sweetheart neckline, and delicate lace details.


24. Kathy P.

While Kathy's wedding day wasn't so recent, it's still clear that even in a garden of wildflowers, she is the prettiest flower of all. Her husband's coattails are an ode to the times. 

25. Lorin Z.

Lorin forewent the classic white dress for a beautiful taupe faux wrap long sleeved lace dress, a hue that pairs perfectly with any color including all of the eye-catching colors represented in her wildflower bouquet.

26. Kaitlyn S.

Kaitlin's strapless dress featured a sweetheart neckline and lace. Her beaded veil grazed the floor, adding extra drama to her oceanside ceremony.

27. Michelle A.

Michelle opted for a tea-length dress for her outdoor ceremony, complete with a braided up do and edgy footwear.

28. Wendy R.

In 2008, Wendy had a unique custom wedding dress made, featuring pleats and colorful panels.

29. Maggie S.

In 2015, Maggie opted for a dress in a silhouette she never would have thought she'd go for. She added sleeves to the dress, and loved her dress even though it seemed much more body con than something she'd like. 

30. Shelley M.

In 2009, Shelley got married and found a strapless dress that she remembers fondly, even though the beading chafed her under arms. 


31. Liz H.

Liz took a leap of faith by ordering her wedding dress online, according to her largest measurement then had a local tailor fit the rest to her figure. Her mom even helped her make tulle sleeves to give her the coverage she craved.

32. Stacy W.

This strapless sweetheart dress was the perfect gown for Stacy, even though she was worried about her bust not fitting properly. The best part? She was comfy, too!


33. Carol G.

Carol didn't think she wanted a strapless dress, but once she had it on she changed her mind. With her wedding being in New Orleans, she was determined to be comfortable in that Louisiana heat. One year later their dog was born, on their anniversary. And her name? NOLA, naturally.


34. Lindsey S.

Lindsey's drop waist gown is reminiscent of the Roaring '20s, and the faux fur wrap draped over her shoulders was supposed to just be a costume prop to go with her theme but when the weather got chilly, she was grateful to have it for her big day.

35. Dollie M.

Dollie opted for a tea-length gown with an illusion neckline for her vibrant winter wedding, complete with bold red accents.


36. Jenny R.

Jenny's vineyard wedding came to life with her off-white ball gown featuring a lace bodice, ribbon belt, and full skirt.


37. Molly M.

Molly is still yet to have her wedding, but was the first one to post about wedding dress shopping and turn to our Facebook Group for advice. After hearing from our community, she bravely stepped foot into a salon to get her feet wet. Though she's still waiting for quarantine restrictions to be lifted to shop with her mom, she thinks this just may be her dress.


Have you found the gown of your dreams? Or the spouse of your dreams, at least? You deserve the perfect wedding, that feels perfectly you. If you'd like to submit your own wedding photos, email us at ashby [at] orieveryday [dot] com so we can include you, too.

Join our Facebook Group to see more bridal content, ask all of the questions on your mind, and offer advice to anyone else going through something similar. 


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