30 Curvy Black Content Creators To Follow

30 Curvy Black Content Creators To Follow

We at Ori wouldn't be here without the hard work that Black women put in before us to raise visibility, create community, and amplify voices. Here are some of our favorite content creators to follow. We recommend you give them a follow too.

1. Sierra Holmes of @eclectickurves



Sierra is full of joy. Her cute and colorful ensembles are always perfectly accessorized. She is a mother of two cuties and effortlessly balances motherhood, fashion, and keeping it real. She was just as adorable when she broke her leg and had to scooter around as she is when she's dressed to the nines for a holiday party.


2. Anissa Marin of @anissamarin



The Ori founders have the biggest girl crush on Anissa Marin. She is cute, she is the epitome of a cool girl, and she is incredibly supportive. While we've never met her IRL, we both want to give her a hug so bad.


3. Terri Smith of @diviniti



Ashby got to know Terri first as a customer, but then their relationship grew. Terri is a 1st grade teacher in Detroit, taking on all of the stresses of teaching in the inner city in the midst of a pandemic. She celebrates workout wins openly on Instagram as well as letting her followers in to what's happening in her mind. Her loving care is palpable. Plus, she's a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. Can you say Renaissance Woman? 


4. Annette Richmond of @fromannettewithlove and @fatgirlstraveling



Not only is Annette a joy to follow, but she has created a fantastic community of fat travelers around the globe. Her community shares tips on traveling while fat, on everything from packing to fat-friendly airlines, and on her own platform she takes us on her journeys and teaches us how to be more mindful travelers. She also just happens to be a complete joy to be around.


5. Courtney Hawkins of @thesimpleglamazon



Courtney's style is simply classic. She's totally sophisticated and her fuss-free style is effortlessly California yet perfectly put-together. Not to mention she has the world's most gorgeous smile.


6. Kristine Thomson of @mskristine



One of the OG plus-size fashion blogger, also known as TrendyCurvy, Kristine is the epitome of preppy and classic style. Her high res outfit photo shots are full of inspiration for putting together tried-and-true ensembles.


7. Hayet Rida of @hayet.rida


Chicago-based Hayet is not just a fashion girl, but also a Black woman in tech. She teaches classes on various skills, shares real life budgeting tips, and is here for an elevated classy look complete with pearls.


8. Mare of @organic_weirdo



We had to the opportunity to work with Philadelphia-based Mare for a photoshoot project, and have since fallen in love with her. Stunning photography always captures her body looking both soft and strong, feminine yet masculine, creating a fantasy that also feels tangible. Follow for body-positivity, lingerie shots, and true natural beauty.


9. Alissa Wilson of @stylishcurves



Alissa is another OG plus-size fashion blogger. She's been in the space for around a decade, and has worked with every brand you can think of. Her blog is more of a resource and plus-size shopping blog than it is a round-up of her favorite outfit photos. She's also a mom navigating raising her black son in our divisive country.


10. Essie Golden of @essiegolden



Essie is an NYC fashion lover and total sneaker head. Many curvy women have a hard time finding an outfit that celebrates their curves and lets them pull off a sportier look. Essie has mastered the art! She also is really busty and regularly makes stellar bra recommendations. Not to mention her #goldenconfidence hashtag and the pool parties of the same name are incredibly empowering. That pool party scene in Shrill? It was inspired by the the Golden Confidence Pool Party Essie threw.


11. Alex LaRosa of @missalexlarosa



LA-based babe Alex LaRosa is a model and so much more. She openly shares her love life and shows off her menagerie of pets on her stories. She also created the viral hashtag #VisiblyPlusSize, calling for companies to use e-comm and runway models that are visibly plus size and not a size 12/14.


12. Kellie Browne of @itsmekellieb



Kellie has been blogging about fashion for about as long as blogging has existed. Her looks are always elevated, always unexpected, and always highly inspirational. She doesn't only wear what people would deem are flattering silhouettes for plus-sizes, she wears the latest trends and the coolest silhouettes and styles them to perfection. If she ends up on Vogue, you read it here first.


13. Ashley Carter of @iamfabellis



Ashley can put together a total dad-inspired tomboy look one day and the next a super girly ensemble. She's the southern girl with the coolest collection of sunglasses, and effortlessly goes from one style to another completely. If you thought Dad's aloha shirt was lame, wait till you see how Ashley styled it.


14. Marie Denee of @mariedenee and @thecurvyfashionista



Marie has been blogging about the best places to shop for plus-size fashion, new drops, new designers, and budding bloggers for over a decade. Well before mainstream media cared about plus-size fashion, Marie was covering it. Her blog thecurvyfashionista.com is so much more than her outfit photos, it's a true online destination for everything plus-size fashion. She is a walking, talking plus-size fashion dictionary and her website has truly become a viable news outlet.


15. Shaina Harrison of @outofthecorner



Shaina is doing the real, hard work right now. She is the Education Director for New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, a non-profit empowering and educating the youth about gun violence. Not to mention, she's a mother herself and she can get all dressed up for the gram.


16. Jami Griggs of @styleoversize



Jami is the Bronx girl that makes up one third of @theinstagramwives, and is in a relationship with a cute guy who is as stylish as she is. Her love of denim knows no bounds, and her style is totally on-trend. If you've ever wondered how to make a trend work for a plus body, look to Jami to see how it's done.


17. April Primus of @aprilantoinetteglam



Looking for a new perfume? Love some beauty inspo? Look to April for it all. She can beat a face and put together a killer outfit, and she can tell you everything you needed to know about the latest perfume drops.


18. Katrina Colbourne of @globalmidwife



With a disproportionate amount of Black mothers dying in pregnancy and having frightening health concerns related to pregnancy and fertility, it's important to turn to midwife Katrina for advice and answers. She is dismantling the healthcare system and giving tips on how to have the most empowering pregnancy. Whether or not your fat or black or pregnant, she shares valuable information you're going to want to know.


19. Mirna Valerio of @themirnavator



When you think of a person who fits the "outdoorsy type" description, what do you think of? Probably not a fat black woman. Mirna is busting all the stereotypes. She is a long distance runner who belongs in the great outdoors. You might have caught her in a campaign with REI or another similar brand. She stomps the haters with each step on the trail and frankly, we want to give her a big hug.


20. Anita Matey of @anitamatey_



This Ghanaian girl in Brooklyn celebrates her culture and her love of fashion and makeup. Her petite frame means she is finding all of the best fashion that works on for the short girls, so if you're vertically challenged you'll love the inspiration she provides. 


21. Latoya Shauntay Snell of @iamlshauntay



Latoya is an athlete and ultrarunner who has completed countless marathons. She has even received hateful fatphobic comments as she's crossed finish lines, proving that she's about as bad-ass as they come. If you ever felt like your size held you back from achieving your dreams of running, give Latoya a follow.


22. CeCe Olisa of @ceceolisa



CeCe is a co-founder of theCURVYcon, the premiere plus-size event in New York City. She used to blog about everything from finding love in the city to how to get a bikini wax as a fat girl, and she still keeps it just as real. Now you'll find her giving all of the tips and tricks on working out as a fat girl, wellness, and serious style inspiration.


23. Chastity Garner-Valentine of @garnerstyle



Chastity is the other co-founder of theCURVYcon and is a Georgia-based fashion girl. She used to create e-books with lots of tips and tricks full of rules on how to style the plus-size body, but lately has thrown out all of the rules. She has been a variety of sizes (everything from an 8 to a 28) and her bottom-heavy body type allows you to see how a garment will work for you if you also have a pear shaped figure. 


24. Sabrina Servance @sabrinastyled



Sabrina is a cutie with a heart of gold. She also is getting married to another cutie (we assume his heart is also made of gold) and her content lately has been full of the most heartwarming couple pics. She has bold, eclectic style and looks fantastic in a swimsuit. Don't take our word for it, see for yourself!


25. Bree Wijnaar of @thetallsociety



Bree started a community full of tall women, known as The Tall Society. They have monthly brunch meet-ups, they talk about #tallgirlproblems, and they celebrate the way their height sets them apart from others. They also share shopping tips on how to find jeans with the right inseam and solves for every other tall girl shopping issue.


26. Ramona O of @ramona_o



Ramona is another super tall babe with legs that go on forever and ever. Her edgy style is sure to stick in your mind. Also, her bestie Alysse of @readytostare is super petite and they often shoot outfits together so their followers can get a sense of the way a garment would fit them regardless of their height.

27. Kanoa Greene of @kanoagreene



Kanoa is the Hawaiian plus-size surf babe of your dreams. She is a workout queen and coach, here to show you how to workout and give you all of the motivation. Plus, she is truly one of the only fat girls we've ever seen on a surfboard. Not to mention she is starting retreats for fat girls to try surfing, skiing, and a variety of other awesome physical adventures.


28. Jessamyn Stanley of @mynameisjessamyn



Jessamyn is the yoga teacher we always wish we had. She has an app so you can join in on her yoga classes from afar. She also is in touch with her sexuality in a way that is so open and true to her, and she never strays from being herself. Plus, she is just as fantastic in-person!


29. Ericka Hart of @ihartericka



While not necessarily plus-size Ericka is a body-positive advocate and even more so a sex educator. She has survived cancer and is hear to teach us about the things we were too afraid to ask. All while doing so in a thoughtful, respectful, and body-positive way.


30. Simone Mariposa of @simonemariposa



Simone is beautiful, stylish, and well-spoken. She is quick to clap back at the haters and to celebrate her body. Her #wewearwhatwewant hashtag tells the world that there are no rules to fashion, no rules on how to properly dress a fat body, and nothing that is off-limits.



Got any names we should add to the list? Slide into our DMs on Instagram, we promise we'll add her! 

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