Ori Newsletter #6

Hello Sunday Salamanders,

Our itty-bitty newsletter is pleased to be in your inbox today, and we hope you are enjoying the new format! (As always, hit 'reply' at any time to lettuce know how you feel.)

Here are our weekend recommendations:

  • Speaking of itty-bitty delights, Maggie showed us how she expertly doodles her Daily Dots in yesterday's 10 At 10. Tap this link to see the full video, and tap this link to see all of Maggie's Daily Dots.
  • This morning, Katie and Matt are taking over the 10 At 10 for a very special Sunday Brunch Edition. Tap this link to join the group and tune in at 10am PT today!
  • ​We are getting a LOT of lolz-worthy comments on this post about how you're feelin' during quarantime. Tap through and let us know whether you're more Battered Cracker or Exhausted Cashew.
  • Outfits for next week: We have a few of your favorite comfy All Day Jumpsuits back in stock, and we're still donating 30% sales of the Dreamy Duster to LA-based charity Project Angel Food. Tap either image below to shop:

Ori - Plus Size Jumpsuit

The All Day Jumpsuit

Ori Plus Size Duster

The Dreamy Duster 

As always, feel free to hit "reply" to this email, or send us a DM @orieveryday.

See ya at 10am to #putaneggonit,

Katie & Ashby

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