Ori Newsletter #5

Hello Friday Frilled Lizards,

We made it! Here's your very special TGIF Edition of Things To Do Today:

  • Do you know how to light a barbecue and start grillin' something delicious? Today's 10 At 10 (our daily LIVE 10-minute tutorial led by a Facebook Group member) is courtesy of Ashby's bf Joe, who loves a grilled hot dog. Don't we all. Tap this link to join the group and tune in at 10am PT today!

  • ​Tonight is our Netflix Party!!!! Tune in at 5pm PT to watch Hairspray. Join this event to get the link—we'll all be watching at the same time & chatting about our favorite outfits.

  • If you didn't get to meditate with us yesterday, here's a link! Andrea's super duper soothing voice is the best 10-minute reset you'll have all week. Your mind says thank u.

  • Have you ever shied away from an activity because you thought you were too fat to try? Ashby's noticed her fear of falling comes from living life as the big girl, and reflects in this blog post.

  • Tomorrow's 10 At 10 is a doodling session led by our friend Maggie, who creates the best looking dots we've ever seen. They are itty bitty delights. Hop in the FB group today and get ready to doodle tomorrow!

As always, feel free to hit "reply" to this email, or send us a DM @orieveryday.

Happy Friday,

Katie and Ashby, who are both still snugly wrapped into their green dusters like Burrito Ppl

Ori - Dreamy Duster Ori - Dreamy Duster


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